Incendia - World on Fire®

From Vienna to Sarajevo
1815 to 1914
Will be available for purchase in 2015

History - Economics - Military Might - Terrain Obstacles - Famine and Disaster - Alliances and Betrayals  - Will you survive the fires of history to rule the world?





Are you ready to build an empire that will encompass the whole of Europe? Will your friends ally with you? Will you crush them in your conquest? Or, will you use them as a stepping stone to glory? Incendia - World on Fire®: From Vienna to Sarajevo is a historical strategy game designed for the modern board gamer. During the time following the climatic end of the Napoleonic Wars until the cataclysm of World War I, the nations of Europe experienced great change as well as great turmoil. Learn how circumstances of the past affected history while you take history into your own hands to shape your nation’s future.

It is up to you to take the reins of one of the great powers of the time to bring together the nations of Europe…under your rule, that is. Build your economy from a farming society to an industry and trade super power. Raise your army into a formidable force and spread across the European Continent in conquest. Play in the political arena as one of the many ideologies of the time. But, you will learn that an empire is nothing without technology and knowledge as its backbone. In Incendia - World on Fire®, sometimes the obsolete needs to be burned down so that progress can rise from its ashes.

Incendia - World on Fire®: From Vienna to Sarajevo beta board game is now being game tested and fine-tuned. We are looking for the game to be released for sale in 2015. 2014 was the 100 year anniversary of the outbreak of World War I. With Incendia - World on Fire®: From Vienna to Sarajevo you can relive the critical century that set the stage for World War I.
With your friends as rivals and/or allies, navigate a developing nation through a golden age of revolution and industry. Choose one of eight nations (Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria, Russia, or Turkey) and lead them through the fires of 19th century European history.

To win the game, each player strives for dominance by conquering the majestic capitals of Europe.

With Incendia – World on Fire®: From Vienna to Sarajevo, you can:

1. Play with up to 8 players, each a Great Power of Europe.

2. Play up to 4 scenarios during the 19th century, with each scenario intensifying in all aspects of the game, ultimately leading to the power-keg of the Great War (our 4 scenarios allow you four levels of play).

3. Experience and learn 19th century history while on your path to glory.

4. Overcome European geography and terrain in war campaigns and development.

5. Understand the role economics play in the age of industry.

6. Use your war powers to threaten your rivals and expand your borders.

7. Put your political and organizational skills to the test by building ties with your friends and crippling your enemies.

8. Feel the effects ideologies have on your government, including socialism and reactionism.

Who will survive the fires of the 1800’s and become the supreme ruler of Western Civilization?

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Incendia - World On Fire
: From Vienna to Sarajevo Game Board

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From Vienna to Sarajevo History Book...


Our Incendia - World on Fire® board game is based on the book "From Vienna to Sarajevo" written by Michael Coronel, Jr. First published in 2012, this book covers the critical years between the Napoleonic Wars and the outbreak of the First World War.

The century between 1815 and 1914 was a dynamic time for both Europe and America. New principles on nationalism, industrialism, imperialism, socialism, and communism compelled major adjustments of state governments and the very nature of modern civilization. The creation of new nations and modern ideas of life dramatically shifted western society as many of the old ideals were erased and replaced. Napoleon’s conquests affected Europe for decades even after his defeat at Waterloo and exile, and Europe entered an era of widespread revolution and innovation. By the dawn of the 20th century, the foundation for a new European conflict was set and the Great War (World War I) would erupt.

The ninety-nine years in-between the Vienna and Sarajevo bookends set the background for 20th century global confrontations: The Great War (WWI), the Second World War (WWII), and the Cold War. To fully understand 20th century history, you must start with 19th century Europe.

Purchase Hard Copy Format at ISBN: 978-0-9883976-1-3

Purchase in the Kindle Format at ISBN: 978-0-9883976-0-6



Our Board Game Design Team...

Our Incendia – World on Fire®: From Vienna to Sarajevo board game design team is made up of five very talented individuals. Each one has brought in something special to the development and design of the game making it unique, fun, and educational.

Lead Designer/Developer: Michael Coronel, Jr.
Development Consultant: Dylan DeMascio
Design Consultant: Milan Misaki Suzuki
Marketing Consultant: Michael Lara
Development Consultant: Kevin Lu

Together, our design team has made Incendia-World on Fire®: From Vienna to Sarajevo a historical strategy board game for game board players, history enthusiasts, curious hobbyists, junior high students, high school students, and college students. It provides general and national histories of the 19th century in Europe, encompassing war, diplomacy, politics, geography, economics, and society.

The game covers a large topic, can manage a maximum of 8 players, comes with a variety of game cards and game pieces, and directs the players toward a detailed experience through history, corresponding with changing technology, society, and national powers.

Players will take the role of a European Great Power, become integrated with their selection through a medium-timed game (1-2 hours), play towards a clear reasonable objective, and become enthralled within four aspects of governing: history, politics, war, and building.

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